At first impression, the eLex 610 is simply a creation of elegance.

„Many people become enthusiastic the first time they see our boat,“ says Christian Lex, „but we know that different bodies of water have different requirements. Experienced boat suppliers have many more bodies of water in mind than just Wörthersee“. 

„This flexibility directly increases the value for owners,“ says Udo A. Hafner, „but even advantages not immediately apparent - such as much more effective theft protection - are an important argument!“. There is room for petrol outboard motors of up to 60 hp to start planing. Besides, motors of up to 60 hp no longer require an operator‘s licence in many countries, and that - as of 2014 - includes Germany.

Thanks to its low weight, the eLex 610 is easy to move on a trailer and can be pulled just about anywhere. Due to its effective hull, the boat is easy on energy and can be propelled either electrically or with a combustion engine.

The Hamburg yacht designers implemented this idea by means of a hidden feature. The motors are below the sun deck: invisible from outside and even quieter than before.

With the electric motor, the boat is allowed on many bodies of water where petrol motors have long been banned.

The boat is always fit no matter how it is propelled. 

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